The new Three Wheeler Kit is an innovative vehicle in response to the challenges of Urban Mobility and offers  something   completely different from the classic car.  A sporty and fun vehicle , but with more safety features that are closer to that of Quadricycle vehicle than a scooter.

The Kit offers a  steel frame with built-in roll bar, and a 4-point seat belt, increases the safety of the vehicle under the conditions of daily use.The compact size of TERCYCLO  ensures  that it is nimble enough for urban use. 

Driving the TERCYCLO is easy, while the three-wheeler design and its low center of gravity ensures excellent stability. 

The  TERCYCLO  has a steel tube space frame chassis designed to accept any scooter engine donor, but more spcicficaly the CF Motor engine and the Honda Helix/ CN 250cc engine.Other engine options are being considered for the new 2018 model year.


 The body is GRP/FIBERGLASS and the colour is Gelcoat.

Length:          2350 mm 
Width:           1200 mm 
Wheelbase:    1750 mm 
Height:          1250 mm 

 Weight:          190Kg

Wheels :         13 in.

 Production of the New TERCYCLO kit Threewheeler will start in 2018

E-mail : fuoriseriedesign@gmail.com